Male Pubic Hair Styles

If you are a man who is thinking about pubic hair removal for the first time you may well be wondering where you should start or, more importantly, where you should finish. There is no single answer to this and each individual has to find their own style. Whatever your initial ideas, it will probably take some trial and error before you find a style you are completely comfortable with. To get you on the right track here are some male pubic hair styles that you might want to experiment with...

The Trim

The trim is the most basic male pubic hair style and probably the easiest to achieve at home. As the name suggests it simply involves trimming the pubic hair with scissors or electric trimmers. You can take off as much or as little as you like but there will always be some hair left behind. This type of pubic hair removal is usually done on the pubic triangle (the triangular area of pubic hair just above the penis). With care the areas around the scrotum, perineum and buttocks can also be trimmed. However I wouldn't recommend using trimmers anywhere near the scrotum itself.

The Sack Only

The 'sack only' involves complete removal of hair from the scrotum and sometimes from the base and shaft of the penis. It can be achieved through shaving, waxing or other methods and is usually combined with some trimming of the pubic triangle area. Commonly referred to as having 'shaved balls' or a 'waxed sack', this is one of the most common types of pubic hair removal for men. Indeed, this is usually the starting point for any pubic hair style (other than a simple trim) and all of the other styles we will look at will build upon the basic 'sack only'.

The Sack and Crack

The male pubic hair style known as the 'sack and crack' extends the shaved or waxed area of the 'sack only' style to include the perineum and the cleft of the bottom or 'bum crack'. Achieving the full 'sack and crack' at home can be a little tricky without assistance; men who shave might prefer to only do the penis, scrotum and perineum as part of their regular routine. You may also come across the phrase 'back, sack and crack' which is usually used in waxing salons to describe a treatment that includes the penis, scrotum, bum crack and back. Another variation is the 'sack, crack and buttocks' for men who wish to remove all the hair from the buttocks rather than just from the crack.

The Male Brazilian

The 'male Brazilian' (or boyzilian) style of pubic hair removal takes the 'sack and crack' a step further by extending the shaved or waxed area to include parts of the pubic triangle - but leaving a 'landing strip' area of trimmed pubic hair just above the penis. Strictly speaking the term 'Brazilian' refers to a waxing style but the term can also be used to describe the pubic hair style itself – whether it is achieved through waxing, shaving or other methods. As with the 'female Brazilian', the size of the 'landing strip' in the male Brazilian varies and is a matter of personal taste and comfort.

The Male Hollywood

The 'male Hollywood' style is essentially the same as the 'male Brazilian' but without the 'landing strip'. In other words it's 'everything off' – complete removal of all pubic hair from the pubic triangle, the shaft of the penis, the scrotum, the perineum, the bum crack and everywhere in-between. In reality, as in female pubic hair removal, the terms Hollywood and Brazilian (and now boyzilian) are often confused and interchanged, so if you are getting someone else to do the job for you it is always best to specify whether you want anything left behind or not.

By now you should have a better understanding of the type of male pubic hair styles that are achievable and maybe you have an idea of which ones you might like to try. The next step is to decide on the most suitable hair removal method to get the job done. Watch this space for upcoming articles on male pubic hair removal methods and products that will help you choose the best way to achieve your brand new pubic hair style!